You’ve got frozen bourbon on a stick. Well done, your Majesty.

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Bourbon Peaches & Cream Popsicles

What better way to combat boredom than with a do-it-yourself home brew popsicle recipe. Don’t be fooled by the Hello Kitty vibe these pops seam to give off. The crushed peaches are soaked in a bourbon bath with one goal in mind, to cool you down and chill you out. Add a little vanilla yogurt and you’ll be the Ruler of bootleg popsicles in no time. And of course, we remind you to always lick responsibly.

Makes 18-22 popsicles

· 1 cup ripe peaches, crushed
· ½ cup bourbon
· 2 cups vanilla yogurt


1. Peel and slice peaches. Crush peaches with a potato masher. Combine crushed peaches and bourbon in a bowl, mix. Let stand 15-20 minutes. Add vanilla yogurt to bourbon peach mixture and combine.

2. Score top edge of some small paper cups with scissors for easy peeling. Pour mixture into cups. Freeze for two hours or until mixture starts to harden enough to hold a stick upright. Continue to freeze until mixture is completely hard, about 5-6 hours. Peel off cups and you’ve got frozen bourbon on a stick – it’s good to be King.

Note: If you do not have ripe peaches on hand, use canned peaches in light syrup (make sure to drain before use). With canned peaches there is added sugar, so add 2-3 tablespoons more liquor. This will offset any sweetness that may want to overpower the bourbon. Of course you can omit the bourbon completely for a simple Peaches and Cream Popsicle — but that wouldn’t be very Royal of you, would it?


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