Whiskey Wisdom

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Whoever controls the whiskey, controls the bliss.

Nothing starts the work day better than a good whiskey. Except for maybe a promotion.

When drinking whiskey, never charge into it looking for a buzz. Take it slow, let the buzz find you.

Sliding a drink down the length of the bar is not as easy as it looks. Neither is sliding a person.

Did you ever notice as a kid, that everyone who ever tried to tell you how to behave had whiskey on their breath.

When it comes to tasting notes; don’t keep a list of what you don’t like. Keep a list of what you haven’t liked yet.

Whiskey doesn’t spontaneously generate personality traits. If you’re a jackass when you drink, it’s probably because you’re a jackass.

Men: When drinking whiskey with another man: it’s darts. When drinking whiskey with a woman: it’s pool.

Drinking whiskey through a straw, is like walking through bear country with a salami in your pocket, it is ill-advised.

Beware of the 3rd thing when it comes to movie sequels, helpings of meatloaf, wives and whiskey drinks.

That burning feeling in your throat when you drink whiskey, that’s just your soul healing.

Hope for more whiskey. It’s what keeps us alive.

The last whiskey never ends up doing what you want it to.

When choosing a whiskey, always ask for a recommendation; don’t always take it.

You don’t know a city until you know where to get the best omelet, a reliable club sandwich, and an honest whiskey.

Mix your whiskey. Never mix your women.

When drinking whiskey in a bar, if you have a choice: Face the door, not the TV. You’ll have better stories.

All the stuff I couldn’t stand as a boy turned out to be great. Corned-beef hash. Lox. Collard greens. Kale. And whiskey.

Men: Although there may be a straw in your whiskey drink, never use it. Never ever.

Whiskey tastes definitively better when you’re not wearing shoes.

The flavor of a good whiskey expands like an explosion – so full, so violent, that at times you’re not sure you’ll survive it.

Happiness. Simple as a glass of whiskey. Harsh. Sweet. Alive.

Never cook with whiskey that you wouldn’t want to drink.

Some activities no matter how wrong they feel, are still really, really fun. Like, drinking some whiskey and beating up a theme park mascot.


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  1. badbadpoet
    September 19, 2011 at 8:08 pm #

    “Diluting a good drink is as useless as trying to stop time”

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