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Whiskey Meets Gelato Meets Bacon

Jessica Oloroso is the erudite artisan who owns and operates Black Dog Gelato, on the corner of Damen and Iowa in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village. She has single-handedly, helped to bring gelato much of the acclaim and patronage it deserves in the Windy City. For the past year she has delighted patrons with distinctive gelato recipes that include the Whiskey Gelato Bar. It’s a creamy, whiskey-spiked gelato, dunked into even creamier milk chocolate. The whole glorious smokey-malty masterpiece has been rolled in some crispy, salty bacon. And it’s on a stick.

Oloroso draws on a range of culinary experiences in crafting her unique recipes:

I try to look to different areas for inspiration. A lot of times it starts with a taste or a smell of something else, and that generates a bigger flavor profile. My inspiration often comes from experiences at the grocery store, the market, or another restaurant. When I was working in restaurants, some of my ideas came from watching the savory side of the menu, and the ingredients that were coming into the kitchen.

So, the next time you find yourself in Chicago on business, like us; delay your flight and grab a taxi to Chicago’s west side. You’ll be glad you did. You might just start looking for excuses to return –  just don’t let your boss find out it’s all about gelato.

Black Dog Gelato, 859 North Damen, Chicago, IL (773)235-3116

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