We give The Glenrothes 1995 a little taste. Well, not just a little.

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The Glenrothes 1995

Like many whisky distilleries in Scotland, The Glenrothes was founded in the late nineteenth century, 1879 to be exact, and has changed hands a number of times since. It started out under the same leadership as The Macallan, but is now part of the Berry Bros. & Rudd portfolio.

Whiskies from The Glenrothes distillery are not released in age-stated batches, but instead by vintage. 1998 was the first vintage to be released that had been designed this way, and the new 1995 was the first distilled to be released as a vintage. It just took a little longer to get there – what we’ve got here is a seventeen year old whisky that was aged in 30% sherry-treated casks and 70% refill casks. They’ve bottled it at 43% and the color is all natural, though it is chill-filtered.

Now for the best part. On the nose the Glenrothes 1995 is exceptional with a floral-honey and fruit structure, but if you let it sit in the glass for 10-15 minutes the fruit really explodes and the floral-honey begins playing the supporting role. Partly due to being 43% it’s a little peppery on the tongue, but it’s rich and mouth-coating. The mid-palate is fruit-dominated and on the sweet side, but you get a great caramel note at the end that dries everything out.

Overall, we wholeheartedly recommend this stuff. It goes for $82. Expensive, but definitely a good value in this price range. Really soft and rich in the mouth, good clean fruit flavors, and a honey note that avoids being too sweet. Exactly what good Speyside whisky should be. And we believe a good Speyside should be slightly chilled, not diluted. Our unique handcrafted whiskey stones are just the thing to get the job done.

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