These Waters run deep.

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Heather Waters

We here at Hammerstone’s Whiskey Disks, have long believed that there are only three things in life that truly help you transcend the mundane:  food, whiskey and music. It’s been our creed, that you can judge the quality of a man’s life by the quality of the food he eats, the whiskey he drinks and the music he listens to. With this in mind, it’s a pleasure to share with you, a recent find of ours, Heather Waters. Make no mistake, Heather Waters is no new-comer. Her voice proves it. It’s just that, she has yet to receive the full share of spotlight she was born to embrace. After stumbling across her captivating voice, we feel compelled to shine a little more light her way.

Her album Propeller, one of our favorites, showcases her adept skill at storytelling. Few artists can spin a tale with such casual elegance, all the while wrapping it tightly with the kind of emotion that can only produce goosebumps. Her voice is best described as having a sweet, sultry center with a crisp outer shell of sexy-strong. Some say that she is fascinated by the magic and mindfields of the human heart – they’re not joking. “Diane” is a track that makes you want to hop in your car and drive six hours to reunite with a lover from your past. “Say You Love Me” will have you wrapping your arms around your current love and slow dancing the evening away in the middle of the living room.

Beautiful, funny and talented Heather Waters – that’s all we have to say. If there wasn’t an entire continent separating us, we’d probably be arrested for — well, they call it ‘stalking’ now, but you know, just like Heather Waters, we try not to put labels on love. Anyways, we have found her music to be enlightening, especially when kicking back with our favorite tipple poured over one of our handcrafted whiskey stones. We put our feet up and let the whiskey and Ms. Waters keep us company for a while. We suggest you give it a try too. Tilt your head back, close your eyes and let her voice pour over you like thick, heavy, liquid love.

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