There’s a new leader in the race for “world’s most expensive whisky”.


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Royal Salute Launches World’s Most Expensive Scotch Whisky

At a retail price of $200,000 per bottle, and with only 21 bottles made, this limited edition Scotch whisky pays tribute to the Scottish Crown Jewels – the oldest crown jewels of the British Isles. “This has been almost three years in the making,” says Neil Macdonald, Royal Salute’s Global Brand Director. It is not like a commercial extension as such – it is a labor of love. This is the richest, rarest whisky and we needed a worthy way of presenting it.”

To create the bottle for the luxury Scotch whisky, Royal Salute turned to Stephen Webster, world-renowned jewelry designer. Once a design was settled upon, each bottle was painstakingly decorated with more than 22 carats of flawless black and white diamonds (413 diamonds in total). The diamonds were handset individually in gold and silver. The manufacturing process of the black porcelain vessels was a complicated one, as aeronautical engineers were needed to determine how to adorn each with jewels. French porcelain maker Revol produced 400 bottles in total, but only 21 were deemed perfect enough for use.

The Scotch whisky was blended by Royal Salute’s master blender, Colin Scott (seen to the right with Stephen Webster), who used only the most exquisite, precious and scarce whiskies, all aged for a minimum of 45 years, which were found in the Royal Salute Vault at Strathisla. This Scotch whisky blend is so rare – only Scott has actually tasted it – that nearly all of it was used to fill the 21 bottles.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to purchase a bottle and ballsy enough to actually drink it, let’s hope you’re not stupid enough to throw away the empty.

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