The Rise of Whisk(e)y

Whiskey Tops The Charts - Posted by Hammerstone's Whiskey Disks, makers of the world's best whiskey stones.

Whisk(e)y Grows in Popularity

A recent trade report conducted by International Wine and Spirit Research reveals that the rest of America loves whiskey as much as we do. Three out of the five top-selling liquors sold in the United States were whisk(e)y brands.

Sadly, the dark liquor that we adore so much didn’t make it to #1. Fernet-Branca, a bitters liquor manufactured in Argentina took the cake with a 21.6% growth rate. In the #2, #3 and #4 spots however, were three of our favorites, Jameson and Jim Beam and Johnnie Walker.

As far as consumption goes, Smirnoff vodka remains #1, despite its only 3% increase in sales volume. But we’d like to think, given a little more time, we’ll soon see whisk(e)y in the #1 spot for consumption.

So let’s all do our part and pour a tipple over a frozen Hammerstone’s Whiskey Disk tonight. Our handcrafted whiskey stones chill without diluting. Come on, hop to it, those whisk(e)ys aren’t going to drink themselves you know.

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