The Most Haunted Bar in New York City

The Most Haunted Bar in New York City - Posted by Hammerstone's WhiskeyDisks™ makers of the world's best whiskey stones.

Dig into NYC’s dicey history and you’ll find plenty of spine-tingling stories brimming with ghosts that just won’t let go. Here’s one.


With Halloween fast approaching, thoughts naturally turn to ghost stories. And there’s no better place to find ghosts than in a city that’s nearly 400 years old. New York City has seen plenty of violence and havoc over the centuries, consequently there’s no shortage of spooky sightings reported throughout the city. Some of NYC’s ghostly inhabitants date back to the Revolutionary War, while others are tied to more recent gruesome departures. For our money, there’s no better phantom than one that writes poetry and hangs out in a bar.

White Horse Tavern

This bar is famously known as a spooky haunt where New Yorkers, dead and alive, still roam. It’s the spot where poet Dylan Thomas died in 1953 — collapsing outside the bar after downing a fatal 18 whiskey shots and stating that he’d seen the gates of hell. Later that same night he succumed to “wet brain” at the Chelsea Hotel, falling into an alcohol-induced coma. The White Horse is a historic longshoreman watering hole that has always held a nostalgic place in the West Village’s laid-back bar scene. Thomas’ haunting certainly doesn’t hurt its popularity; patrons report they’ve seen him sitting at his favorite corner table in the bar, or lingering outside. It also helps that the wooden interior looks nearly untouched since it opened in 1880. In memory of the poet, the bar serves his purported last meal in the back room each year on the date of his death, November 9th.

White Horse Tavern
567 Hudson St.
New York City, NY 10014


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