The Best Way to Drink a Manhattan is… by the Bottle.

10,000 BC: Cavemen begin fermenting grains. Mind-blowing cave parties soon follow.

14th century: Whiskey invented. Parties continue.

1933: Utah proudly casts the 36th and deciding vote to end Prohibition. America’s long national nightmare of constitutionally mandated sobriety ends.

2011: Utah comes through again.

The 36th Vote is a stiff cocktail in a bottle that’s barrel-aged and available online. If you didn’t know they distilled whiskey in the mountains of Utah, well… you do now. This concoction is High West Distillery’s mixture of its own rye, Angostura bitters and sweet vermouth. Strain it through ice, stir it and throw in a cherry, and you’ll recognize it by its proper name—the Manhattan. The ingredients are put into an oak barrel and aged for four months, which means you’ll be getting a sweeter, smoother Manhattan than you might be used to. It’s still 74 proof, just slightly less than your standard whiskey neat.

So the next time you’re in an emergency cocktail situation—say, a Tuesday—and your on-call mixologist is nowhere to be found,  just whip out your collapsible cocktail glass, say a few kind words about Utah and pour yourself a perfect Manhattan.


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