The Best Part of Waking Up – Kentucky Coffee in Your Cup

Kentucky Coffee - Posted by Hammerstone's WhiskeyDisks™ makers of the world's best whiskey stones.

As far as coffee cocktails go, you’ve got your Irish coffee and your Spanish coffee, even Mexican Coffee. The world of alcoholic coffee drinks gets overshadowed by these international mainstays. Good old Kentucky bourbon often gets overlooked as an ideal ingredient. Bourbon offers big vanilla and caramel flavors, some brands even provide hints of cinnamon and spice, making it the perfect pairing for a lovely cup of joe.

So if you’re looking to stay warm this winter, look no further than this delicious Kentucky Coffee recipe. It features the smooth vanillins of America’s original whiskey and it’s sweetened with just a touch of honey liquor, then topped with our very own Bourbon Whipped Cream. It’s an all-American coffee cocktail that will warm not only your bones on a cold winters night, it’ll warm your patriotic heart.

Kentucky Coffee



  1. In a coffee mug, add bourbon and honey liquor.
  2. Top with hot coffee.
  3. Add homemade bourbon whipped cream.
  4. Serve and enjoy.



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