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Whiskey Pancakes with Whiskey Maple Cream Sauce

Pancakes for breakfast? Amazing. Pancakes for dinner? A-friggin-mazing! I think I may have crossed the line. I fear I may have created a glitch in the Matrix. Because last night I made breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, to be specific. And to be even more specific, whiskey pancakes. Now to be fair, the eggs I used were free-range […]

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Breakfast for Adults.

Whisky Pancakes You can do a lot of things with these Whisky Pancakes. We like to eat them with raspberries and cream, or drizzled in melted chocolate. Create your own favorite. Makes 4 pancakes. 2 oz. plain flour pinch of Salt 1 egg ¼ pint milk 2 tsp. flavorless oil ½ pint orange juice 2 tbsp. honey […]

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