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Make Your Own Firewater

Age Your Own Whiskey kit – Woodinville Whiskey Co. The magic that happens inside of a whiskey barrel has always intrigued whiskey drinkers. But unless you are a whiskey drinker who owns a distillery, it’s next to impossible to witness the transformation of the distillate from clear to brown, and the many flavor, aroma, and […]

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Bootlegging & Financial Independence

Moonshine as Currency We here at Hammerstone’s WhiskeyDisks™ – where we make the world’s best whiskey stones – would like to propose that the manufacturing of distilled alcohol at home is a very American and patriotic thing to do. Keep in mind, it is illegal to distill alcohol without obtaining a costly and litigious series […]

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Hipster Moonshine

Kings County Distillery Moonshining and micro-distilleries are fast becoming the new coffee roasters and microbreweries of today. One of these micro-distilleries is the New York based, Kings County Distillery. These guys are NYC’s first legal whiskey operation since Prohibition. Paying homage to the co-founders’ bootlegging forefathers, they cook up organic New York corn (plus a touch of […]

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