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The Creation of Adam – Our Version.

We’re not a religious authority, but this is how we see it happening.    

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The Men Behind Bourbon.

These are the names that make up bourbon’s illustrious pedigree. Evan Williams is considered Kentucky’s first distiller, according to legend, Williams set up his stills on the banks of the Ohio River in Louisville in 1783. Rev. Elijah Craig was a late-1700s Baptist preacher, teacher and distiller, often (but erroneously) credited as the inventor of […]

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Cool New Cocktail – “The Libertine”

Results of the Maker’s Mark Mixology Competition recently held at Blush, Las Vegas. 1st Place: Mariena Mercer Venue: The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas Winning Cocktail: “The Libertine” 2 oz Makers 46 Barspoon orange marmalade .5 oz Rosemary simple syrup 25 oz lemon juice Dash peach bitters Maple syrup foam Maple syrup foam: 4 oz maple syrup […]

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