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Bacon Infused Bourbon - Posted by Hammerstone's Whiskey Disks, makers of the world's best whiskey stones.

Bacon Infused Bourbon

Bacon is undeniably good. That’s why we consider breakfast in bed an amazing experience – you’re lying down, and eating bacon! Now, bourbon is a vice of ours, for other reasons. But bacon-infused bourbon? That my friends is the stuff dreams are made of. Our friends at Taylor Takes A Taste sent us a great and easy recipe.

-2 oz. bacon fat (from cooking 4-12 pieces of bacon)

-10 oz. good bourbon (we used Bulleit, as did Taylor)

Put bacon fat, followed by bourbon, in a mason jar. Shake a few times, then move to the fridge and leave overnight. Then, pop it in the freezer for one half-hour to ensure fat solidification, then remove visible chunks. Strain remaining liquid through a coffee filter twice, to ensure that all fat has been removed, leaving only the delicious bacony essence. Allow the bourbon to return to room temperature. Serve neat, or with a shake of bitters and a drizzle of (don’t laugh) real maple syrup. Of course we chose to slightly chill ours with our own premium whiskey stones.

Honestly folks this stuff is a treat for the senses and much easier than it would appear. Maybe we just love it just because it’s another way to work a little bourbon into our morning.


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