SIA Scotch Whisky

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Fact: Men love women who love whisky.

That being said, get ready to fall in love with the intrepid Scotch enthusiast Carin Luna-Ostaseski. A woman who has pursued her passion to the point of creating her very own brand – SIA Scotch Whisky.

How do you turn a love of whisky into a thriving new brand? Do what Luna-Ostaseski did. Roll up your sleeves and you get to work. Start by getting your bartending license. Then immerse yourself in every aspect of the spirits industry. Spend countless hours with distillers and industry professionals, listen and learn. When you’re ready, conceptualize a blend in your head. Then, conduct hundreds of blind tastings and don’t stop until you think you’ve got it. Share your early blends with everyone you meet. Be prepared to go back to the drawing board over and over until you achieve perfection. Sounds easy right? Of course not. Because it isn’t. That’s another reason to love Luna-Ostaseski, she’s not just talented, she’s tenacious.

Posted by Hammerstone's WiskeyDisks™ makers of the world's best whiskey stones.

SIA (pronounced “SEE-a”)  is an exciting blend of Speyside, Highland and Islay malts. It’s a Scotch that appeals to all the modern senses. The eyes can’t resist staring at the striking amber color of clover honey. The nose gets very flirty with the hints of citrus and spice. The palate falls head over heels upon delivery of smoky vanilla and crème brulée. The finish is as long as everlasting love, smooth and refreshing, laced with hazelnut and toffee.

SIA is distilled in Scotland and matured, blended and bottled by third-generation crafters Douglas Laing & Co., Ltd.

SIA is imported by Spirit Imports, Inc.

SIA is 43% Alcohol by Volume/86 Proof.

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