Reindeer Horn Whiskey

Reindeer Horn Whiskey - Posted by Hammerstone's Whiskey Disks, makers of the world's best whiskey stones.

Extra Strong White Whiskey Infused with Reindeer Horn and Herbs – 50% Alc/Vol 110ml

Just when you were getting over the fact that someone was making millet whiskey, along comes reindeer horn whiskey. This rice grain whiskey is manufactured by a small family business in the golden triangle. Supposedly white grain spirit is infused in a large clay pot with reindeer horn, ginseng roots and other medicinal herbs. After a several month steeping process the liquor is filtered and then bottled.

In South East Asia white rice grain whiskey infused with reindeer horn and herbs is believed to increase vitality and improve general all round well being. In some Asian cultures consuming reindeer horn is even considered to bring a higher social status. We’ll stick to driving around town in an Audi.

They say this liquor has a rich earthy finish with a woody aroma, that it has a slight sweet taste with a hint of liquorice. Is that really what reindeer horn does for the palate? Sounds like they’re trying to put a positive spin on this thing. Herbal whiskeys such as this are also know as Yaa Dong in Thailand. Yaa Dong herbal liquors have been sold in Thailand for centuries. There are over 200 herbs used for making Yaa Dong, some are traditional recipes and others are secret recipes passed down through families. Really does prove that there is no accounting for taste. Well, each to their own. We’ll never tell anyone how to drink their whiskey.

We guarantee this won’t be on the shelves at your local liquor store, but you can get it online. You’ll pay about $12 for a 110ml bottle.


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