Our unique handcrafted whiskey stones help create a meaningful ritual.

The Pursuit of Pleasure

If there’s one thing we try to do here at Hammerstone’s Whiskey Disks, it’s embrace the age-old pursuit of life’s pleasures. We’ve put together a short film with the help of our friends at HyLo Labs and Sukkatash Film + Design. They’ve managed to beautifully portray the spirit of what we do, which is – provide pleasure in life through meaningful rituals. If you were to stop by our place in Chocorua, NH, where we handcraft our unique whiskey stones, chances are you’d find us on the back porch enjoying some fine liquor with friends.

Please take a moment to enjoy this film. And, if you’re already the proud owner of a set of our whiskey stones, hit pause while you rummage through the cabinet to find a nice tipple to pour over your frozen stone. It’s a lovely film, made all the lovelier by a slightly-chilled dram of your favorite spirit.



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