Our Handcrafted Whiskey Stones Rock.

Whiskey Stones Rock - Posted by Hammerstone's Whiskey Disks, makers of the world's best whiskey stones.

Whiskey Stones Chill Without Diluting

Our Whiskey Disks™ have an exclusive cylindrical shape that sets them apart from common whisky stones. This unique shape lends itself perfectly to swirling and nosing. No clinking, no tumbling, just smooth circular motion that releases all the intricate aromas you’ve come to expect with your favorite tipple. With their hefty size and weight, our Whiskey Disks™ stay put in the bottom of your glass where they belong. Speaking of size, it really does matter. Just one of our Whiskey Disks™ has more thermal mass than three typical whisky stone cubes. With nine cubes per set, they only provide enough for three drinks. Our larger Whiskey Disks™ come in a four-disk set, enough to chill four of your favorite drams. Whiskey Disks™ means more drinks, with more chill.

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