One whisky, two whisky, three whisky – floor!

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McKay’s Whisky Barrel Flooring

The Scotch whisky industry realized it needed an eco-friendly solution for the disposing of old barrels, instead of merely consigning them to a landfill. McKay’s Flooring, the UK’s largest independent wood flooring company, is happy to play their part in helping to keep the environment green. Having engineered a way to make flat boards out of these beautiful oak barrels – many still with their distinctive branding – they have created a unique and beautiful product.

We wonder, if the flooring retains the aroma of malt whisky? Our guess would be yes, and that’s not a bad thing in our book. Wouldn’t it be great to walk into a room and get the pleasant smell of oak and vanilla? We can’t imagine a more spiritual, or spirit-rich, experience than that.

Oh, and after a night of drinking whisky, the next morning you’ll feel something on your cheek and when you go to wipe it off – it’ll be your custom whisky barrel floor. How cool is that?


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One Response to “One whisky, two whisky, three whisky – floor!”

  1. Britt
    July 21, 2011 at 1:27 am #

    Do they have locations in the US?? This would be perfect in our new home!

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