Martin Mills – The Bigfoot of Bourbon

Martin Mills 24 Year Old Bourbon - Posted by Hammerstone's WhiskeyDisks™ makers of the world's best whiskey stones.

This mythical bourbon sells for $500 a bottle.         A single shot could easily set you back $100.

Above is pictured an elusive bottle of Martin Mills 24 year-old — one of only 200 released in the world — it contains 107-proof Kentucky bourbon, which unleashes a devastating caramel-vanilla flavor bomb.

Martin Mills is the name of a fictitious distillery thought-up by Heaven Hill Distilleries in Bardstown, Kentucky, who bottled the stuff exclusively for sale in Japan in 1999 after they came across a top-notch bourbon barrel that had matured for more than two decades.

Now, there’s a line of thinking which says that Bigfoot doesn’t exist, yet it fails to account for the persistent claims made by numerous eye-witnesses. That being so, Martin Mills distillery technically doesn’t exist either, yet the mystical Kentucky straight bourbon occasionally appears at random high-end bars, fetching astronomical prices for each precious tipple poured.

So, armed with a belief that it exists, and plenty of cash, order up a few shots of Martin Mills 24 year-old at your next happy hour. If they say that it doesn’t exist, move on, and find yourself a bar where they believe in legends.



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