Jameson – The man and his whiskey.

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John Jameson’s Irish Whiskey

On a Tuesday morning on October 5th 1740, John Jameson was born and the first chapter in a whiskey legend began. Now, it’s a fact that most people believe John Jameson was an Irishman, through and through. Wrong. He was born in Scotland. Ah, but it’s an easy mistake to make and the Irish were quick to adopt him as one of their own. As the saying goes, he eventually became more Irish than the Irish themselves.

‘Sine Metu’ meaning ‘Without Fear’ is the Jameson family motto, awarded for their bravery in battling pirates back in the 1500s. This motto was the inspiration for John’s move to Dublin to make his mark (and his whiskey). Going to 1770’s Dublin to start a whiskey distillery was actually a bit like going to 1940’s LA to start a film studio. Ireland is reputed to be where whiskey was invented and whiskey from Dublin was regarded as the finest in the world. Then along came John Jameson, a complete outsider, who took the great Irish tradition and really put his own stamp on it. All this he did, Sine Metu.

In the late 18th century, most whiskeys were distilled twice, like it is in Scotland. No harm in that, if you’re happy with a double distilled whiskey. John Jameson wasn’t. He went that extra step and insisted on triple distillation, as he found that it made his whiskey twice as smooth. So why not four times or even five? Wouldn’t the whiskey get smoother still? Don’t think John didn’t try it. He’d try anything in the quest for perfection. But it turned out triple distillation couldn’t be improved on.

Today with annual sales of over 31 million bottles, Jameson is by far the best selling Irish whiskey in the world. We love to drink it. And the way we drink it, is to pour it over one of our handcrafted whiskey stones. We’d like to think if John Jameson were alive today, he’d approve of our endeavors. So here’s a glass raised to you Mr. Jameson. (clink) ‘Sine Metu’.

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