Jack Daniels Comes Clean

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Jack Daniel’s makes label change.

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7, sugar maple charcoal-mellowed and all, is toning it down. Makers of the pride of Lynchburg, Tennessee will cut some of the unnecessary text on the famous black and white label. Among the changes:

  • Lynchburg (Pop. 361) TENN. U.S.A.
  • A confession: Jack Daniel’s real name was Jasper
  • Lem Motlow’s name will be removed

It turns out we’ve been drinking up exaggerations for some time now. Lynchburg, a dry town for more than a century, last had a population near 360 in 1920.

On the side of the square bottle, instead of awards will be a short history of Jack Daniel, whose name was actually Jasper. And Lemo Motlow, a Jack Daniel’s heir who kept the company afloat during Prohibition, will no longer get credit for his work.

New label or otherwise, count us as some of the millions who’ll turn a blind eye to the exaggerations and half-truths. We’ll always raise a glass to this great slice of Americana.

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