Irish Whiskey With a Tilt.

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Inish Turk Beg’s Maiden Voyage

Inish Turk Beg has added a new category, with the launch of its Irish Whiskey – an aged, Single Malt

This super-premium whiskey is presented in hand-blown ‘Mooring Buoy bottles’ developed on the island (and with each having some island sand in the glass). They derive their shape from traditional glass mooring buoys and floats. These bottles are a deliberate subversion of traditional whiskey presentations, and speak clearly of the brand’s intention to reposition whiskey as a contemporary and dynamic liquor choice – encapsulated in the whiskey’s tagline, ‘Live Life at a Tilt’ which resonates with the bottles asymmetric shape.

The whiskey is finished in Poitin casks that have lain on the island drinking up the island’s unique atmosphere and climate. When being reduced from cask strength for bottling, rainwater collected on the island is used to produce a 44% strength, full-bodied, but easy-drinking whiskey. All of these elements give the whiskey a distinctive and character-rich profile.

The limited edition first bottling consists of 2,888 one-liter bottles, called ‘Maiden Voyage’. Each has a unique invitation welcoming the purchaser to the World of Inish Turk Beg, and joining its 2,888 Club.


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