Hipster Moonshine

Kings County Distillery Whiskey - Chill it without diluting, using Hammerstone's Whiskey Disks. Handcrafted whiskey stones.

Kings County Distillery

Moonshining and micro-distilleries are fast becoming the new coffee roasters and microbreweries of today. One of these micro-distilleries is the New York based, Kings County Distillery.

These guys are NYC’s first legal whiskey operation since Prohibition. Paying homage to the co-founders’ bootlegging forefathers, they cook up organic New York corn (plus a touch of malted Scottish barley) in five, 10-gallon pot stills. Their base of operations is a 325 sqft. Brooklyn loft. In true do-it-yourself fashion, Kings County Distillery keeps it simple, from the stock bottles to the minimal labels. Proving once again, that less truly is more, and appropriately selling it in flask-shaped bottles ideal for carrying on your hip(ster).

Long live the King.

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