Hammerstone’s Beard Guide

A handy guide to match your facial hair with the appropriate cocktail.


Fall is a time for many things – football, raking leaves, and regrettably, turtlenecks. It’s also the best time to grow a beard. Fall is the time when men forsake formality in favor of comfort. Plus, it’s getting cold. And if you’re going to start wearing a sweater on your body, there’s no reason why your face shouldn’t be treated with the same concern. Think of it as letting your face wear sweatpants.


Here are some tips on how to grow and care for a beard:

Used every day or two, an electric beard trimmer will leave you with the perfect five o’clock shadow. Since you’re getting close to the skin, take a shower first; the heat will open up the pores and soften the facial hair. Dry your face with a towel before starting. And remember, use a moisturizer. Just cause you’re covering your face with hair doesn’t mean you can mistreat it.

For a slightly longer look – something that shows you’re capable of a full beard, you just choose not to go there – trim every three or four days. The most important element here is your neckline. You want your beard to end in a way that looks natural. Tapered. A definitive line will help you look like you know what you’re doing.

Full Beard
For longer, thicker beards, you want to use a trimmer with a heavy-duty motor once or twice a week. Before you shave, comb your beard down to get rid of tangles, then comb against the growth to fluff it and make it easier to cut. And you might want to start washing your beard with something that leaves little or no residue.

Feral Beard
Once you let your beard grow longer than a few inches, pretty much anything goes. You might want to think about conditioning every once in a while, but other than that, your main goal should be to keep your beard free of tangles and leftover food. For maintenance, try whatever you can find in your garden shed.

So this Autumn, whether it’s a full beard or just some scruff, grow something on your face. Even if it’s only for a short while, your face will appreciate the break.


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