Cool New Cocktail – “The Libertine”

Results of the Maker’s Mark Mixology Competition recently held at Blush, Las Vegas.

Libertine Cocktail - Bourbon with maple syrup foam.

Libertine Cocktail - Suggested by the boys at Hammerstone's Whiskey Disks, makers of the world's best whiskey stones.

1st Place: Mariena Mercer
Venue: The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas
Winning Cocktail: “The Libertine”

2 oz Makers 46
Barspoon orange marmalade
.5 oz Rosemary simple syrup
25 oz lemon juice
Dash peach bitters
Maple syrup foam

Maple syrup foam:
4 oz maple syrup
4 egg whites
6 oz water
2 oz lemon juice

Preparation: Assemble all ingredients in mixing glass and top with maple syrup foam.
Garnish : candied orange zest and rosemary sprig

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