Comes a time when you can no longer afford to drink a whisky that is as old as you are.

1965 Bowmore Single Malt - Posted by Hammerstone's Whiskey Disks, makers of the world's best whiskey stones.

1965 Bowmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky

On the island of Islay on the west coast of Scotland, only 114km west of Glasgow there lies The Bowmore distillery, Scotland’s oldest distillery which dates back to 1779. The island itself covers just over 600 square kilometres and a large part of the land mass is peat… which is what makes this whisky so unique and worth every penny of the £6,000 price tag! Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Defined as an Islay malt – a malt classification all to itself given the famous and challenging nature of Islay malts characterised by smoky, marine aromas and palate. Golden honey in appearance it has a rush of fruity and floral aromas which work in perfect harmony with delicately smoked oak chips and a long and luxurious finish”.

This is the first time since the Queen came to visit in the 80’s that Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd. has brewed a single malt which is matured in bourbon with a percentage in Oloroso sherry casks.

There are only 57 bottles of 1965 70cl whisky available to buy and you can pick yours up exclusively at Heathrow Terminal 5. Then, use the change that’s left over to purchase your ticket to fly home – first class.


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