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A Southern Wedding Tradition.

It is said that if it rains on your wedding day, it’s an omen of good luck. That being said, most couples would prefer not to have their special day be a wet one.

Well God bless the South, because Southern wedding tradition says that if a bride and groom go to the site of their wedding exactly one month before the wedding day and bury a bottle of bourbon, then it will not rain on their chosen day. The folklore further states that the bottle should be completely full and buried upside down. Tradition states that after the ceremony, it is dug up by the bride and groom then shared with those in attendance.

We’re not superstitious here at Hammerstone’s WhiskeyDisks™ where we handcraft the world’s best whiskey stones, but why tempt fate. Burying the bourbon might just be the best insurance you can get against a rainy-day wedding. We’ve provided some tips to help you follow through with this beloved practice and reap the rewards of a picture-perfect nuptial day:

  • Bury something larger than a mini bottle; you don’t want to risk insulting the Bourbon Gods, or the thirsty wedding party who’ll eagerly be awaiting its retrieval.
  • Mark the spot well, so you can find it and dig it up later. Heaven forbid you misplace a precious bottle of the beautiful brown liquid and bring down a torrent of rain upon you and your guests.
  • Be careful about disclosing it’s location to others. Every family harbors at least one bourbon lush, so don’t put your “bourbon patch” at risk, lest the bottle come up empty and your wedding turns soggy.

They tell us the bourbon is sublime after spending a month underground. We highly suspect that it might just be the sweetness of the day or the fact that the weather is beautiful. But truth be told, it’s most likely because it’s been secreted away below ground where the temperature is cooler and relatively constant compared to the daily fluctuations that occur above ground.

That’s exactly the effect our handcrafted whiskey stones have on fine liquor, they cool to a perfect temperature without diluting. But we suggest you stick with tradition on your wedding day, why risk it. Save the WhiskeyDisks™ for the honeymoon.


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