“Buckeye” Whiskey – Made from red winter wheat.

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Oyo Wheat Whiskey

Middle West Spirits recently announced the release of Oyo Whiskey, an amber-colored alcohol that clocks in at 92 proof.

Adding to the spirit’s intrigue, the small-batch, single-cask hooch is produced solely from soft red winter wheat sourced in Ohio, the same ingredient that powers Middle West’s flagship vodka. The most common whiskeys are made from corn (bourbon), malted barley (Scotch) or a multi-grain blend (Canadian whisky). Non-traditional whiskeys have flowed in higher volumes during the past decade. Most recently, rye has been revived by mixologists. Still, Oyo Whiskey has a likable flavor: honey aromas, tastes of cinnamon and slight spice, subdued bite and a surprisingly quick finish. Here’s what co-founder Brady Konya has to say:

We wanted to do something distinctive and unique, we wanted to do something that we do well and that Ohio does well. We didn’t want to do a bourbon, we feel like the wheat-whiskey category will remain small, and we’re fine with that, because we can have a big voice. We don’t make spirits for everyone, we make spirits we love. Right now, we’re at the beginning of developing a significant reserve.

Oyo is many years younger than popular small-batch labels like Basil Hayden’s, Knob Creek and Woodford Reserve. Yet it has mellowed in 5 or 32-gallon barrels, which allows its character to change faster than competitors aged in larger quantities.



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