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Hammerstone’s Whiskey Disks – A Unique Father’s Day Gift!

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Wisconsinites are notorious for their love of beer.   I mean really, how many of us have received the home brewery kit for Christmas?  Like 70% maybe?  The local archery shop by me seconds as a brewery supply store.  We literally have at least 1 microbrewery within every major city and most minor towns.  “My dad used to own a bar when I was growing up” is a very common sentiment.  I’ve already seen 3 women sporting the Miller Lite bikini this year alone.  And who doesn’t love Laverne & Shirley?  In our house, beer is #1 on the list for tailgating, parties and fishing.

But, there is also another great love in our house; that of whiskey.  My brother in law buys Kessler by the caseload, my father always had a bottle of Jack Daniels hidden in the ceiling down in the basement, my uncle is a Johnny Walker Red fan, one of my favorite drinks is a Slow Comfortable Screw (Southern Comfort, orange juice and sloe gin) and one of my husband’s all time favorite Christmas gifts was the Gentlemen Jack I got him two years ago.

Whiskey Disks - Whiskey stones that chill fine liquor without diluting.

Naturally when I saw a company called Whiskey Disks on Twitter – follow them I did.

And every time they tweeted I just about laughed out loud.  They don’t take themselves too seriously and aren’t afraid to have a bit of fun with their product.

Via Twitter:

Women, you break up with us, we get drunk, stand on your lawn, then a cop comes. We’re like, “Oh this is over! I get it. It’s over. Gotcha.”

@WhiskeyDisks I freaking love your tweets

@CarrieZylka We’re pretty sure we freaking love you! One of life’s great parings – firearms and whiskey. ♥

@CarrieZylka I’ll write a good drunk, bow & arrow joke for you.

@WhiskeyDisks Ha! I would love that!

@WhiskeyDisks I’ll be sure to tag you in the tweets talking about drinkin’ after slinging some arrows. Love Southern Comfort sweets! :)

@CarrieZylka Sounds like a deal. Jokes for Tweets.

@CarrieZylka A friend wants me to go bowhunting with him. Why would I do that when I can hit a deer with my speeding car while drinking some whiskey?

@WhiskeyDisks Because it’s a lot cheaper to sit by the campfire with your buddy celebrating your kill with a glass of whiskey.

@WhiskeyDisks And I’m also pretty sure both your insurance agent and your fender would appreciate it as well!

@CarrieZylka Right on both accounts. Boy, you huntresses are sharp chicks. Funny too.

In a culture of the world wide web after such a fun exchange I naturally checked out their website and was enthralled.  The first thing that jumped out at me was the quality of their website.  From font size and color to the flash ads to the quality of the photographs I was very impressed.

Whiskey Disks - Hammerstone's Whiskey Disks are the world's best whiskey stones.

I still wasn’t sure exactly what a “whiskey disk” was so I went through the tabs and learned a bit about such a small thing that is an integral part of the die hard whiskey drinker’s experience.  You can find out more here.  The story of this father and son operation, located in the village of Chocorua, New Hampshire, is pretty interesting.  These two are expert stone craftsmen who certainly enjoy a fine whiskey.  Handcrafted, the quality is apparent in each of the stones they’ve created, while every one is unique, the stones are consistent in shape and thermal mass.  And they are, in all honesty, beautiful to look upon.

Hammerstone's Whiskey Disks - The world's best whiskey stones.

Their blog is quite a fascinating read as well.  From “morning shower scotch” to “Sardine Whiskey Flambé” to my person favorite “Bacon Infused Bourbon”, there are some seriously funny blog entries.

My father always complained about having to drink his Jack on the Rocks too fast before it got too watered down.  Well, Father’s Day is this weekend and I do believe that at $24.99 the four disks and a velvet pouch is right on the money!

~ Cheers!!


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