Baby Bourbon aka “White Dog”

Buffalo Trace White Dog - Chill it without diluting, using our handcrafted whiskey stones.

Buffalo Trace White Dog

There is a lot of interest lately in moonshine, white whiskeys and baby bourbons.  Numerous unaged or lightly-aged whiskeys are now appearing in liquor stores courtesy of the many new microdistilleries that have opened up all around the country.  From $30 a bottle for the unaged stuff to $90 for whiskey that has spent a few months in an oak barrel, they can be rather pricey.  We certainly don’t want to discourage these people.  The more whiskey makers in the world, the better.  Plus, some of these things are damn savory in their own way. Tasting your favorite bourbon fresh out of the still can give you new insight into how whiskey matures, and the dramatic effect of oak.

Today’s “white dog” (as unaged whiskey used to be known) is tomorrow’s sipping whiskey, and five or six years from now there are going to be some pretty interesting ones out there – ryes, wheat whiskeys, malt whiskeys, even whiskeys made from millet.  So if by chance white whiskey is not your thing, just wait a few years and see what develops.  Oak can do amazing things.

Buffalo Trace offers it’s “White Dog” in a 375ml bottle for around $16.

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  1. Justin Joseph Simpkins
    February 10, 2012 at 12:41 am #

    Buffalo Trace White Dog is a wonderful spirit. It has a fruit like smell, burns a bit but finishes nicely. I am looking for it in SC; hard to find.

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